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Tricolet …Trials and Triumphs!

“Could Christian CND take 10 metres of the French pink scarf back to Burghfield?

“Of course.” …

“Could you manage 20 metres?’

“Yes, that will be fine…

“Now we have 40 metres …Perhaps you could leave some space in your bags?” (How big is a 40 metre roll?)

“We’ll see what we can do.”

“There are now 80 metres….’’ (Have we brought enough bags?)

Fortunately there are no baggage limits on Eurostar.

In the Gymnasium where participants in the Hiroshima to Nagasaki Day Fast, sleep, people are still knitting. I wish they would stop!

Hiroshima Day … 80 metres of Pink Scarf made the journey to Valduc (twinned with Aldermaston) with two of our group (two more joined later) and two of our French friends. First it was displayed by the bridge in the middle of Dijon where the Dijon activists (many of whom we met last year) helped to hold it up. Then it went on to the Main Gate of this Nuclear Weapons facility. This time it was displayed for much longer and televised for the nation! Once again, British participation was of particular interest.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group took part in the international Hiroshima Commemoration at the Eiffel Tower. Yellow missiles pursued a small boy bearing a globe of the world !

The pink scarf returned to Paris. More knitting was added. The next day we all took it, (90 metres now!) to the Louvre. Un vrais manifestation artistique! Maybe that was why the Director of the gallery allowed us to stay. The many hundreds of people queueing for entry had plenty to look at. Photos and videos sent the images all over the world! A trumpet played and two of us walked along explaining the work in English and French and there were explanatory placards in several languages. After we left the Louvre the scarf was taken to Le Pont des Arts and admired by people cruising along the Seine. ----then the rain started.

“ Get the wool under cover-we can’t get it back to England if it gets soaked-it will be too heavy.”

Back on the train. It was unrolled at St. Pancras station for a photo-op by the Eurostar engine and soon made its final journey to the Red Milestone, between Aldermaston and Burghfield, on Nagasaki Day.

We look forward to showing it off in London – and/or – other cities. Many thanks to all involved for a truly inspirational idea.

Patricia Pulham

French film on the knitting of the scarf and the fast in Paris:

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