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30 July 20155

TRIDENT- Another Hiroshima?

On 6th August, peace activists led by the Christian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament will mark the 70th anniversary of the dropping of the first atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima with a Peace Walk, which will link 4 commemorative events in London.

The walk will start at the International Fast in Whitehall Gardens, behind the Ministry of Defence, after a memorial ceremony, taking place at 8.15am. (The time the bomb was dropped.)

In addition, walkers will also lay flowers at the Innocent Victims Memorial outside Westminster Abbey where they will be welcomed by the Rev David Stanton,Canon-in- Residence, who will welcome them and join them during prayers.

The walk will continue via the Pax Christi vigil outside Westminster Cathedral to the Japanese Embassy where flowers and a card of condolence will be handed in. The walkers will also take part in the annual Hiroshima event in Tavistock Square, before finishing at Friends House, Euston, at a major commemorative service.

They do this to remember and grieve the many thousands of innocent victims of the Hiroshima bomb and to draw attention to the fact that the Trident missiles carried by the 4 Trident Submarines are armed with nuclear warheads, which are each 6-8 times as destructive as the bomb which annihilated Hiroshima. To rely on this system as our deterrent, means that we are willing to do the same to hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

The Christian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament asks all to recognise the inherent immorality of such a system and calls on our MPs to vote against the renewal of Trident when the Main Gate Decision is taken in 2016.

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