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What you can do

Make a regular donation. Standing orders give us a regular income which we can rely on and help us plan for the future. If you can afford it, a standing order of £2 a month will make a big difference to CCND's work! You can also choose to pay an annual subscription if you prefer. Contact us or download a Standing Order form here.

Leave a legacy for nuclear disarmament. By leaving CCND a legacy you will help in future campaigning against the evil that is nuclear weapons. Several of CCND's campaigns have only been possible thanks to legacies.

Raise awareness. Many people in the UK think that nuclear weapons have 'gone away'. We know that they have not! Help raise awareness of the issues. Contact the office and we will send you some leaflets to distribute at church, school, work, union, lunch clubs or other locations. Need to know more about the issues? Ask and we will help. Get a free copy of our 'Churches Pack' for yourself, or to present to your church.

Write Letters. Letters to your local paper (if the paper does print letters on national issues - not all do) are a good way of getting the nuclear weapons issue in the public forum. You could try linking local issues - perhaps there's a hospital lacking resources or a community centre in danger of being closed due to lack of finances. Most local papers are crying out for letters and print nearly all they receive.

Write to your MP! Write regularly and build up a relationship and you will find they will listen to you more intently - even if they don't agree with you!

Write to the PM! Send a postcard (available from the office). Make your voice heard.

Join the letter-writing team organised by CND. Contact to get a monthly letter to write to the government or other bodies. The recent letter campaign is available here.

Get involved. If you can spend a few hours every couple of months in London or the South East you could join our Executive Council. Help plan future activities, decide priorities, and make your mark! You could also volunteer to help in the office (anything from filing, stuffing envelopes, data input or updating the website). People are also needed to represent CCND at regional events - this could involve distributing leaflets or sitting at a stall. Contact the office if you are able to help!